Exhibition of objects and sculptures.

Produced by TOPIC, Tolosa, 2015.


Puppets and marionnettes are not only magnificent characters who make spectacles, they are also objects full of meaning, ready to become symbols or metaphors off stage. In this exhibition, Joan Baixas proposes a different look at the marionnettes, a immobile and silent theater for the viewer to create their own stories.


Pieces in the exhibition:


THE SHIP OF FOOLS. Reinterpreting a medieval legend in which the crazy, the different, the excessively gay or hedonistic are punished to exile, this piece wants to honor the strength of the imagination to make reborn those naughty characters that arise from nature and inhabit books, stories and Fables.


MANIOBRA-MARISOMBRA. Opened at the Center d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona 2015. Nature and culture support the puppet like the reed that fishes a fish, the technology turns it into shade and the soft puff of the public makes him dance.


THE LAST SUPPER - MANGIARSI L'ANIMA. Opened at Instituto Cervantes, Milan 2015, on the occasion of the food expo. Every dinner is the last dinner. For many. Every dinner is no dinner. For others. Are we eating the remains of one world or feeding the beginning of another?


MANGONEOS (I to XIV). The marionnette as a metaphor and allegory. Of threads, controls, strings, manipulations, artifices and other weavers. Theater still on moving ideas.

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